GRIN Address

Simple randezvous place for your GRIN transfers. Creates a temporary address to transfer $GRIN w/o launching a wallet listener
How it works
Basically the service creates a unique link to receive your coins, which you can give to a sender. This link should be accepted by most of the Grin wallets, exchanges and mining pools.

Use service API to receive slate (file with payment), to sign it and to send it back through the same API.

Use following bash script to automate the process of creating transfer id and do whole receive operation in one run:

— Can I reuse payment URL?
— Address can be used only once, though if the transfer didn't work from the first time (another party didn't send coins on time, etc), you can continue with the same URL. When you make a new payment, always create a new payment URL.
— My client connected but nothing happens
— It probably waits for another party to join. It's how it designed, both parties reuse same ID but it's multi-step interactive process. Another party maybe running wallet, entering password, got distracted by something, etc. When another party provides an input (signed slate for transfer) you receive it immediately. Connection supposed to be used up to 1 hour, but if you got disconnected you can connect back to the same URL, it should be usable up to 24 hours
— Will I lose money if connection dropped?
— Don't worry, you will not lose money because of lost connection. Transfer will happen when both parties sign their part of slate.
Future plans
Permanent addresses
Allow to create address once and receive automatic transfers to it
Integration API
An API to integrate GRIN transfers with other systems, such as exchanges and mining pools
One click payouts
Automated receive/send payment requests right from a website
Access through Tor/Onion
To keep privacy of your operations
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